The following demos were were recorded by Ric Iannone and produced by me (Curt). Ric was a Wersi artist widely known to the US customer base in the 1980-1990 time frame.

Ric and Curt started a US based company known as IMMusic producing not only General MIDI based backing tracks, but full arrangements that were available in CD format. Along the way we (IMMusic) did some work for the Hal Leonard Corp. providing MIDI based backing tracks for instructional books published by the Hal Leonard team.

Fast forward a few years:

I went back through some of the files that we have and modified them to use “Wersi OAX sounds”.  I did that by importing the MIDI files which were originally done using the General MIDI 2 format, into the Accompaniment section of OAX and modifying the files to use “OAX based sounds”. For a brief look at how to do that, watch this.

What you hear below was recorded using the internal “Audio Record” feature found on OAX instruments. Other than selecting sounds from OAX, nothing has been modified from the original MIDI based recording.

Enjoy the following tunes and as always,  your comments are more than welcome!



The following tune was recorded on a Wersi Spectra along with a Wersi Digital Upright Piano in 1997. It was part of a CD that IMMusic released with the same title. Also included on that CD were sounds from a Wersi Pegasus.