Wersi OAX 1 Keyboard








The keyboard highlight features are:

  • 13.3 TFT Multi-Gesture Touch Display
  • A 76 note luxury keyboard from Fatar (TP8)
  • 9 Real Drawbars for the upper and 7 Real Drawbars for the lower
  • Featuring, the OX7 2 and the WERSI VB3
  • Realdrums, Digital Drum Kits
  • The new Sonic / OAX Sound Library
  • One Touch Settings
  • Easy Play functions
  • Digital Record
  • Massive VST Host – newly designed for OAX 1.30 software
  • Midi Sequencer
  • Style Editor with Realdrum / Audio Style Creator
  • Sheet Music On Display with 400 titles and ability to import your own sheet music
  • Professional Studio Effects
  • 6 SFX Buttons
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Internal Speakers included (two tweeters and two mid / bass speakers built into the cabinet)
  • An optional 13 or 17 note pedal board can be connected to the OAX-1 keyboard
  • A WERSI volume / expression pedal with programmable switches can be connected to the OAX-1 keyboard
  • Available in Pearl White or Metallic Black

One thought on “Wersi OAX 1 Keyboard

  • 12/08/2016 at 07:30

    Nice to see a new keyboard from Wersi, but the price is out of range and more than I could afford. I spent over $3,200 on my new Wersi Pegasus Wing keyboard as the new OAX-1 cost range about $10,000. I am more than satisfied with my Pegasus Wing Professional, giving me what I need to play on stage with bands. The piano sounds on these new instrument has improved so much, as now there is no need to bring along an additional digital piano. I have been complimented on the drawbars, being so close to tone wheel sound as the Pegasus Wing is the best choice and maybe more affordable from Wersi.


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