New Video(s) – Thanks Mark!

A quick plug for Mark.  As we have mentioned in the past, you can count on Mark to put up a new tune or two just about every week. The big news is Mark has stepped up his game and now started to include video of the actual performance. I’m sure many of you will enjoy that.

Check these two out:


2 thoughts on “New Video(s) – Thanks Mark!

  • 08/23/2017 at 15:39

    Great to see that Mark has ‘gone video’ as I enjoy listening to and now watching his YouTube uploads.

    Could I give a plug for my own YT channel, which goes under the name of ‘Blackpool Dancer’. In case you are wondering why that name, it’s because I’m a ballroom dancer and enjoy dancing in the fabulous Blackpool Tower Ballroom. I used to love dancing to the sounds of the Wersi Louvre, but sadly they replaced it with a Roland some time ago.

    I have a couple of Sonic Videos on YT and hope to add more soon. I’m still a beginner with the Sonic, so hopefully my videos will improve over time.



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