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  • 10/19/2016 at 11:42

    Hey Curt,
    My name is Lloyd Erickson and have attended almost all of Bill Horns shows over the years. Remember
    you and Ric doing “how to” demos at the shows. Also remember the recordings that were so good.
    I sold my Wersi Spectra and Wersi Abacus some time ago and now have two keyboards, a Korg Pa4X
    and a Ketron SD 7. Cheaper to buy and have wonderful styles and voices. Easier to move also.
    Ralph Conti is a very good friend of mine and also his wife, Toni.

    I loved Wersi and was a rep. for Wersi back when Frank Gross ran the Lancaster Wersi facility on
    Rt. 30. I built several Wersi models and sold them to people who did not want to build them themselves.

    Nice that you have a website for Wersi to get the name out there. I know the Sonic is a very nice organ. A friend of mine, Joann Young has just bought and received a Sonic. She has the full pedalboard
    and other goodies. I wish you the best. Please say hi to Ric when and if you see him. Joann is hosting
    the OAS group this month and the members will get to see and play her Sonic.
    PS: Do you remember Gail Atwood and her husband Greg ? They attended your workshops and Gail
    was a good player. She was my niece and she passed away of Cancer in her fortys. Sad.
    Sincerely, Lloyd Erickson

    • 10/19/2016 at 14:22

      Hi Lloyd,

      I remember you well sir! So sorry to hear about Gail. She was always very interested in learning whatever topic we happened to be presenting at any given show.

      Hope you folks have a great meeting. I’d love to have some feedback from yourself or others in the the group on Joann’s Sonic. I’m expecting mine to show up before the end of this month. Very anxious to get my hands on it and start getting some “workshop” materials put together and shared out on the site.

      Please pass the word to others that might be interested and do stay in touch.


  • 10/18/2016 at 19:24

    Hi Curt,
    Will take your site to what’s left of OAS Club this weekend. Hope you get a response. Have fun. This will be our first look at the Sonic. “Am curious since my Scala no longer works and can’t be fixed acc to Ralph. Saranna

    • 10/19/2016 at 06:58

      Howdy Stranger!

      Very anxious to get our hands on the Sonic. Should be here soon. Plan to post some videos of how to do various things along with some audio examples. With any luck we might get “you know who” to record a few things for us. If not, you will be stuck with my playing!

      I appreciate you helping spread the word. It would be great to get some discussions going with others,
      regardless of which model instrument they own.

      Sorry to hear about your Scala…. Any thoughts on upgrading to a Sonic?


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