What Would You Change?

OAX has been around for a number of years now. If you could, what would you change/add to OAX? What features are missing? What features are not needed?

Bill sent us a list of things he would like to see improved in OAX to get the conversation started.

  • Live Organs
    • VB3: Advanced editing screen allowing direct access to VB3 VST console, including the saving of all settings.
    • OX7: New advanced editing screen for all features.
  • Hauptwerk integrated into live organs for direct control
  • New displays for W, DX, CD, Farfisa, and VOX Continental organs
  • Revised controllers for sounds
    • 3 Sections, Manual, Sound, and Effects
    • Manual = Volume, Panorama, A.D.S.R, Bass & Treble
    • Sound = all 6 unique controllers to be available for each individual sound (As in OAS & pre V2.00 software)
    • Effect = Reverb, Chorus, Delay and 2 user VST Effects options
  • WersiChord
    • All features of manual sounds above
    • Up to 4 (or more) independent Wersichords available simultaneously with user key range assignment
    • User assignable trigger key range
    • (Similar to what is available with styles)
  • Styles
    • Style controllers available for all style tracks independently, including all features of manual sounds above with the ability to store in a Total Pre-setĀ 
  • Midi sequencer
    • Midi controllers to be added for each track as in style controllers above
    • Part sequencer to be added as was available in OAS
  • VST Host
    • Effects page to be added
    • Ability to read loaded VSTs settings function
    • User assignable controls should be available for a complete bank as well as individual (As in OAS)
  • Misc
    • All drawbars and controls to be made assignable ASAP
    • Sound effect buttons should have Midi loops available as well as audio loops with the option to lock to Style/Midi tempo
    • Ability to save audio recordings in Wav, Mp3 or Flac format
    • Support for external Midi/VST controllers via Midi & USB
    • Ability to load either Pre V2.00 sounds or Post V2.00 sounds during a fresh install
    • Proper Yamaha style converter to replace the apology that is currently available
    • Additional converters for other manufactures
    • Cubase Elements option (Or similar) to be added to allow full editing and creation of Styles, Midi Files and Audio Files (Including score display)
    • Advanced Sound Editor Option (More complete than the one available for OAS)
    • Advanced Drum editor option as in OAS

10 thoughts on “What Would You Change?

  • 06/04/2020 at 22:33

    Hardware based OX7. I think that is the only way to get the true vintage Wersi organ sound. In my humble opinion.

    • 06/04/2020 at 10:13

      Interesting. My German is weak at best. It would appear some church/pipe organ features are coming?

      • 06/04/2020 at 13:48

        Here is the Google Translation

        Available soon
        OAX V2.7
        including sacral organ!

        This Sibermann organ was completed for the Zoelbitzer town church in 1742. 278 years later, play this unique church organ on your OAX instrument.

  • 05/20/2020 at 10:35

    * Upgrade to VB3 II and include full control of all parameters including saving all your own settings.
    * Fix the OX7 II including better rotor and full control of all parameters including saving your own settings.
    * Give effects controls to the OX7 II and VB3 including the Detune that is on the input section of the organ. That detune control actually detunes left to right not selector detune. I am using Keyboard Partner Drawbar Expander 3.5 with real drawbars and the detune on the input (left to right) has given me the most wonderful drawbar fullness and warmth and I mean even better than the CD line drawbars. Maybe this detune feature would give better fullness and warmth to strings also.
    * Better piano samples. Still far from what could be the best. The Wersi samples lack fullness.
    * Midi output of the drawbars and controls so we could control VST’s and external midi expanders.

  • 05/20/2020 at 10:09

    Agree 100% and second, getting a full English version out. I do recall that when we had our Spectra, it took what seemed forever to remove all the German references. It appears it is taking even longer with OAX. šŸ™

  • 05/19/2020 at 15:11

    I would like more Theatre Organ sounds.
    I second Malcolmā€™s suggestions for VB3 II and correcting German function tabs to English.

  • 05/19/2020 at 13:00

    The original Pegasus had a way to create styles.
    The Ikarus had a “tilt-up” screen so the player could see lyrics scroll across the screen as music played.

    BETTER SUPPORT FROM WERSI DEALERS!!! especially for models past.

  • 05/19/2020 at 10:28

    Further suggested changes to OAX I would add

    Upgrade of VB3 to VB3 II
    Correction of the numerous existing German function tabs to English
    A proper English manual

    • 05/19/2020 at 17:55

      * Some decent Wersi and Hammond drawbar sounds with decent Leslie control.
      * Alphabetical sorting of saved registrations in the Total Presets, using folders within folders would be an enhancement. However saving 10 registrations per song to the Music Archive would be better.
      * Being able to up to 10 registrations per song in the Music Archive
      * Improved styles, unfortunately I have not tried the Genos conversions but they are fab!


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