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*** Updated 08/11/19 ***

Make sure if you have any issues with OAX that you drop a note to the support team at I received an email from them asking if there were any questions or issues with OAX that we (this group) could report. We have their attention and they are interested in making the product better.


We have some great discussions here and have learned plenty from everyone that follows along. One thing to keep in mind if you feel you found a bug in OAX. After you post here make sure you take an extra five minutes to drop a note to If it is truly a software bug they are the only folks that can fix it for all of us. If it’s a “How-To” type of question there is a good chance that someone following along can help you out.


5 thoughts on “Reporting Wersi Issues

  • 08/27/2019 at 12:56

    Some items I have noticed with update V2.50-01.
    1. Attack and Release sliders on Sound Edit page do not work, they now work on Manual Edit Page. If you have presets saved with the sliders adjusted on the Sound page you must re-save the preset using the sliders on the Manual Edit page.
    2. The drum Reverb slider on Reverb 1 control panel button does not work. You must use the Reverb 2 button and adjust that Reverb slider. The Reverb works only if you use the Factory Reverb presets. If you try to save to a User Reverb Preset a message appears that the OAX is no longer functioning and the OK button will shut down OAX to the Windows desktop.
    3. For several revisions selecting a live drawbar sound and then selecting the sound edit control will give you sliders that are mislabeled but seem to modify rotor and drawbar chorus settings but are very sensitive and cannot be saved. Why do the preset drawbar voices sound so much better than the live drawbars. The ability to add effects such as the new effects for the Input section would make a big difference in the drawbars. The VB3 just sounds awful, OX7-2 has some of the capability by sliding out the VST and adjusting the parameters but the new settings cannot be saved. Wersi – Wake UP. This is a drawbar organ also, not just a preset sound instrument.

    • 08/29/2019 at 07:30

      Thanks for your input Rich. I sent a copy of your findings to Uli. I’ll update this post with any feedback I receive.

    • 09/01/2019 at 15:06

      Hey Folks,

      Feedback from Wersi support on the items Rich mentioned:

      1. This is known and fixed internally. This will be eliminated in the next release in October.

      2. It is true that the styles in OAX since the first version of OAX always uses the Reverb This is a remnant of OAS. I will be providing both reverb ways in the foreseeable
      future. Yes, there is a problem storing User Reverb Presets. This will be fixed in the next version.

      3. The topic variable WERSI drawbar is very important for some customers. Unfortunately, the topic is less and less interesting to customers. Especially the many new customers we have. Therefore, the topic has slipped further and further down the development process.

      The fixed drawbar settings, for example from the CD organ, do not have much in common with the original sound of the CD line. I have integrated several effects that enhance the sound.

      The sound of the VB3 I find and many users pretty well. For one of the upcoming versions, there will be a new drawbar module for the WERSI sound. It takes a while. So we do not need to wake up.

      I’m developing the OAX system according to a plan that caters to the needs of most customers. It should also be remembered that the development team has halved to OAS.

      We look forward to every hint and every question from the WersiUSA forum! So if you have any further or new questions, please contact us.

  • 08/08/2019 at 05:16

    In fact a good idea! But….Is the link to the official link to report to wersi ? Does anyone collect the bugs so that everyone could see the already reported bugs ? It makes no sens that the same bug is posted here an sent to wersi.

    • 08/08/2019 at 07:10

      Yep. Matter of fact Wersi asked me to mention that address and request that folks report any issues there so they can take action. I invited them to participate here, but sadly they have declined.


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