Interesting Thought From the Recent Tastenfestival

No announcement or confirmation from Wersi, but for those that attended the Recent Tastenfestival in Germany, (and are part of the are reporting that by the end of the year all OAX instruments will be able to import other manufactures sounds, (OAX already supports VSTs) plus have native support for styles from Ketron and Yamaha styles up to Tyros5. (Currently OAX is limited to Tyros2 native support).

It will be interesting to see if this comes to fruition by the end of the year.

Anyone else have additional details?

2 thoughts on “Interesting Thought From the Recent Tastenfestival

  • 10/09/2017 at 15:57

    WOW how cool is that, about 2 years ago I suggested to Uli who programs the Wersi’s about importing Tyros 5 voices, he told me it was a very difficult process and did not think it would ever be done.

    • 10/09/2017 at 16:08

      The big question now would be do you believe Uli or the “rumor mill”? I sure hope it’s true but who knows if we will ever see the options mentioned above up and running in OAX version X.xx?

      Maybe we will know more by the end of the year? Fingers crossed…


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