Hauptwerk VST Install on OAX

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In this video we show you how to install and configure the Hauptwerk Pipe Organ Demo running as a VST directly on your OAX instrument. This is an unsupported configuration and you should only install / run at you own risk. For a fully supported version of Hauptwerk, please contact Wersi Direct. They offer supported versions of Hauptwerk along with the Silberman Pipe organ.

** End of DISCLAIMER **

We would encourage you to watch this video in it’s entirety as it shows the true power of an OAX instrument. In the past we shared the install of a very simple one sound VST. This time we go through the steps to install the Hauptwerk Pipe Organ VST on your OAX instrument. Hauptwerk offers a TON of different pipe organs. At this point in time, Wersi supports the Silberman pipe organ on OAX.

There are a number of VST’s on the market for drums, guitars, strings, etc. Hauptwerk is truly unique in the sounds they offer to bring a real pipe organ experience into your living room.

Did you read the **DISCLAIMER** at the start of this post?  🙂 If you did – GOOD! Now go install, play and learn. If you like what you hear – purchase the fully supported version of Hauptwerk from Wersi Direct.

Looking to try a simple VST install first? Watch the install of a simple VST adding a new Piano sound.

7 thoughts on “Hauptwerk VST Install on OAX

  • 01/03/2020 at 04:43

    Jeff and Curt
    Thanks for your helpful information regarding Hauptwerk!
    Don Miller

  • 01/01/2020 at 10:51

    Hi Don,

    I wouldn’t advise trying to run Hauptwerk internally on OAX for anything other than a small virtual instrument. Wersi have pre-installed OAX with a Hauptwerk configuration that is designed primarily to support the two manual Silbermann organs that they make available as additional activations. It won’t handle any of the virtual instruments in the Hauptwerk library that are above two manuals, and you can’t control any of the stop combinations on the virtual instrument from the OAX total presets and/or thumb pistons. You will have to do this manually on the Wersi screen which is far too small to do this effectively. Also, Hauptwerk offers a number of quality levels to run the virtual instrument samples, with the higher quality levels requiring the most RAM. So if your Sonic has the standard 8GB of RAM, you are going to need to upgrade this if you want to run some of the bigger instruments at the highest quality level. If you just want to add some more realistic pipe organ sounds to your Sonic then this configuration is adequate, but if you are a serious Hauptwerk user then I recommend running this on an external PC or Mac computer.

    Curt and I have done quite a bit of work developing an alternative general purpose OAX Hauptwerk configuration for use with an external computer. It will handle any number of virtual instrument manuals and enable stop combinations to be controlled directly from the OAX total presets and/or thumb pistons. It’s more difficult to do on OAX than on OAS because of the different ways that OAX can assign its Midi channels, but it’s possible to do and we show how this can be done in Chapter 6 (Installing and Configuring Hauptwerk) of the Wersi HD Series Upgrade Manual.


    In this way you are able to define the specification of the external computer to support all the processing requirements of Hauptwerk, run all versions of Hauptwerk (Basic and Advanced), install any of the virtual instruments in the Hauptwerk library, control the software directly from the OAX and of course attach a much needed larger display.

    As far as the licensing of Hauptwerk is concerned, this from the Hauptwerk User Manual:-

    “By purchasing an Advanced or Basic Edition license for Hauptwerk you will be supplied with a Hauptwerk USB key (dongle). Simply download and install the latest version of the driver for the USB key from the main downloads page on the Hauptwerk website:


    then connect the USB key to a spare USB port on your computer to turn your evaluation installation into a full, licensed copy”.

    And on re-licensing:-

    “You may move a Hauptwerk license between as many computers as you wish (Mac or PC), or use it with multiple drive partitions, but you may only have one computer per license actually running Hauptwerk at any given moment, with the Hauptwerk USB key attached to that computer. In particular, the USB key is not hardware-specific, so you can change your computer hardware as many times as you wish, or re-install your computer as many times as you wish, and your Hauptwerk license will still be valid and continue to work. This is the main reason that we think that a USB key is the fairest and simplest way to license software”

    So if you wish to use your existing Hauptwerk licence on your Sonic, this suggests that all you need is the driver for the USB key. Of course if you elect to run Hauptwerk externally, then you could do this on your Mac with your existing licence arrangement.

    Note that if you do want to run Hauptwerk more generally on your Sonic as a VST, it may be possible to develop a general purpose OAX Hauptwerk configuration similar to that which we have for the external implementation. Curt and I didn’t pursue this option, so the viability of this approach is not proven. Given the vagaries of the OAX VST system, the requirement to implement all the features provided by the external computer solution, and the fact that there already is a pre-configured Hauptwerk configuration on the instrument, I suspect that this will be anything but straightforward.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more information.

  • 01/01/2020 at 05:39

    I am a new Wersi OAX owner. I previously purchased a Mac based Hauptwerk key up thru the Advanced license as well as a number of their virtual pipe organs.
    Has anyone had experience converting the license from Mac to the Window based version? If so, did you go thru Music store or Milan Music? Did you pay a conversion fee?
    I tried contacting where I originally purchased the license, but received no response.
    I would like to use Hauptwerk on the Wersi OAX. Thank-you.

    • 01/01/2020 at 11:54

      Hi Don,

      I’ve only worked with the demo version of Hauptwerk so I can’t say much about licensing. If by chance you use Facebook there is a group of folks there that share their experiences with Haupwerk –> https://www.facebook.com/groups/42378139859/

      Perhaps they could help?

  • 02/12/2017 at 07:01

    Okay, thanks for you quick reply.

    Kind regards,

    Jelle van Marrum

  • 02/11/2017 at 07:20

    Hi Jelle,

    Thanks for joining us. We have enjoyed many of your videos. I just did a quick test and no, the reverb controls in OAX have no affect on the Hauptwerk sounds.

    It depends on which Hauptwerk samples you purchase but most, if not all, of the pipe organs are recorded with the natural acoustics and reverb of the location where they are installed.

  • 02/10/2017 at 18:36

    Hello Wersi USA,

    I have a qustion,
    Is it possible to adapt reverb at Hauptwerk? Kind regards,

    Jelle van Marrum


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