Coming Soon – Hauptwerk VST install on OAX

About a week or so ago the Wersi Direct team posted about the option of running the Hauptwerk VST on your OAX instrument for some truly amazing pipe organ sounds. We were intrigued by that and are in the midst of working on a video to show you how you can get an idea of what that sounds like and a few steps you will need to take for it to work on OAX.

In the past we showed the install of a fairly simple one sound VST in OAX. With a little help from the Wersi team we do have a Hauptwerk demo up and running in OAX.

**DISCLAMER** The demo we have up and running is not the supported version offered by Wersi. It will allow you to get an idea of the possibilities offered by running a VST either directly within OAX or on an externally attached PC.

Watch for an update once we finish up the video and get it published. If you simply can’t wait for our video –> Basic  and Advanced versions of Hauptwerk are available from Wersi Direct. You will also need the Silberman organ to go with it. Note, there are also basic and advanced versions of the Silberman organ.

Hauptwerk VST

One thought on “Coming Soon – Hauptwerk VST install on OAX

  • 02/08/2017 at 19:47

    I am thinking about adding pipe organ voices to my Wersi Pegasus Wing, but for now I am waiting to add “World of synthesizers”. The only reason I want to add pipe organ voices, is for demonstration use to promote the Wersi Pegasus Wing to churches that wants classical organ voices, without paying so much for a larger digital classical organ. The Wersi Pegasus Wing still remains the lowest priced keyboard from Wersi, compared to the new OAX-1 keyboard.


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