Wersi Pegasus Keyboard

Pretty sure this was the first touch screen instrument that Wersi produced. Can anyone confirm? Available in a 61 note keyboard version (weighed a ton – we had one) or in a rack mount module allowing you to bring the sound of Wersi to other instruments or upgrade you older Wersi instrument by connecting via MIDI.


Wersi Pegasus Rack
Wersi Pegasus Rack
Wersi Pegasus Keyboard
Wersi Pegasus Keyboard

One thought on “Wersi Pegasus Keyboard

  • 11/05/2016 at 14:44

    The Pegasus was the first touchscreen. This keyboard or module had wonderful sounds and styles and
    lot’s of power from it’s built-in speakers. After hearing this unit a a Wersi show in Lancaster, PA. we
    bought one for our niece in Connecticut. She was thrilled with the Pegasus and used it for gigs many
    years. After her sudden death at less than 50 years old, I got the keyboard back and was amazed that
    it still played well and sounded as good as it did when new.

    Sadly the touchscreen began to fade out and needed replacement. I gave the Pegasus back to Wersi
    in Lancaster (Ralph Conti) where I presume the touchscreen was replaced and given some more life.
    The Pegasus was truly ahead of it’s time.


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