Ketron SD40 MIDI X2

The Other Half of the 2 MIDI Connection Story

We showed you how to setup OAX to send out information on both MIDI ports. What we didn’t tell you are the changes needed on the Ketron side to support that. We call it SD40 MIDI X2. It pretty simple to setup and will allow your Ketron to work with OAX sending data to both to MIDI In1 (GM) and MIDI In2 (Keyb) on your Ketron.

If you remember this configuration will allow OAX to pick any unused MIDI channel so you can program user voices on OAX that will select Ketron voices. The second MIDI connection will allow you to play chords on the lower manual and trigger those changes in whatever style you have selected and playing on the Ketron.

As always, ask questions if you get stumped.

4 thoughts on “Ketron SD40 MIDI X2

  • 06/01/2018 at 18:14

    Hi Curt,Bill,Jeff,
    Thank you for your suggestions regarding connecting my Ketron SD 7 to the Abacus Duo,
    having carried out the midi Chanel routing I am still not able to trigger styles from the
    SD 7 via the lower keyboard of the Abacus, I have now abandoned the idea, and have
    connected my Roland BK 7 Module to the Abacus using the midi wizard of the Roland
    and am able to play any style from the Roland via the lower keyboard of the Abacus.
    This proves that the midi of the Abacus is as it should be, but not with the SD 7, the plot

    Many thanks


    • 06/01/2018 at 18:55


      Can you take a picture of your SD7 MIDI settings and send them to me? If not, check to see that you have “Left” set to “2” and you are using MIDI In 2 (Keyb).

      • 06/02/2018 at 08:22

        Hi Curt,
        Left is set to 2 and I am using Midi in 2, at the moment I am getting on with the Roland
        BK 7 which I need to address a couple of issues, once I have done that I will check out
        the SD 7 again, I may have the solution, because the Abacus has a lower Keyboard in
        order to trigger it’s own styles from that keyboard you have to press any key on it, this
        then tells the Abacus to send all left hand data to the lower keyboard, this may be the
        cause of the SD 7 problem, as soon as I have got the Roland sorted, I will let you know
        how I have gone on with the Ketron, I will not forget but it may take a week or so.

        Many thanks.

        • 06/02/2018 at 10:57

          Ah – Interesting. Ok, keep us posted as we would like to understand that configuration and get it sorted out for anyone else that may want to do the same thing.

          Thanks for the update Dave!


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