Basic MIDI Configuration OAX / Ketron

Basic MIDI Configuration for Upper Keyboard Only

For the next video in our OAX / Ketron series, we show you a basic MIDI configuration on the SD40 and on OAX that allows us to use the upper keyboard of our Sonic to act as a MIDI controller for the SD40. This setup works well on an OAX-1 keyboard, a Pegasus or any other single keyboard instrument. In the next video, we will show you a configuration more suited for “organ” where we use both the Upper, Lower keyboards and Pedals to control the Ketron.

The Ketron sets up a split point for us. In this case, it’s middle C although you can change that. Any notes you play below middle C will make chord changes on whatever style you have selected on the Ketron, and any notes from middle C to the top of the keyboard will allow you play a melody line.


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2 thoughts on “Basic MIDI Configuration OAX / Ketron

  • 05/08/2018 at 11:55

    What a beautiful Flute&Style sounds ! And your PRO playing !

    • 05/08/2018 at 14:26

      Samuel – Ketron gets all the credit for the sounds and the style I used. There are quite a few very nice styles in this unit. Thanks for your kind words. I’m FAR from a pro.

      I’m starting a new video this afternoon showing how we can play multiple sounds from the Ketron and also use both keyboards on the Sonic. With any luck, I’ll get that published sometime on Wed.


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