Issues / Bugs?

We have traded a few e-mails with various folks and as a result, compiled a list of issues that have been found as of OAX version 1.40.

If you have had an issue and don’t see it listed here, drop us a line so we can add it to the list. We will send the collected items to Wersi development from time to time for their review and hopeful corrective action in future software releases.

As of 02/27/17:

OAX development is aware and has acknowledged the initial list of items recorded on 12/29/16.

Issues we have found or items that have been reported to us –> (Initial list was created on 12/29/16):

  • Start/Stop of Audio Player sometimes not possible on the first press of either the h/w button or the “soft” button on the touch display.
  • ** Updated 01/17/17 **
    • Temp workaround for “Start/Stop of Audio Player” issue:
      • Slide the position slider to the end of an audio file. The player always stops reliably at the end of an audio file.
      • One comment – You can not position the slider when a notation file is on the screen. You will also have to close the notation.
  • No ability to save your own effect sounds and store as an “Effect Button”.
  • Import of more than nine sheets of notation will crash OAX.
  • Notation package 2:
    • Some notes are not in focus or staff lines are not OK.
    • Examples:
      • Que sera sera
      • Diana
      • Don’t Be Cruel
  • Backups cannot be deleted from within OAX.
    • Only way to delete is via Windows.
    • ** Updated 01/02/16 **
    • User Data Backup:
      • Backup folder size 553 MB – Intermittent failures to USB “stick”
        • Same backup (553 MB) works to internal C: drive
      • Backup to USB stick of 209 MB does work.
    • ** Updated on 01/17/17 **
      • If the USB stick produces I/O errors or fails for some reason, OAX crashes.
  • User Presets:
    • Deletion of a User Preset will crash OAX.
    • Rename of a User Preset will crash OAX.
  • Large USB disks (e.g. 1TB or greater) do not show up in OAX, but do show up in Windows.
    • Testing with a 16 and 32 GB USB stick was done and they both show up as expected.
  • At times, accompaniment tracks of styles cannot be heard.
    • Restart of OAX needed to correct.
  • Many screens still show German text in the English version.
  • No current OAX manuals in English.
  • ** Added 01/01/17 **
    • Double tap an instrument – Set Split Point and a much longer delay before the “split-keyboard” fades out starting in V1.40
  • ** Added 01/05/17 **
    • Dynamic / Touch Sensitive feature intermittent on lower keyboard
  • ** Added 01/09/17 ** 
    • Problem with Wersichord:
      • Changing presets that have a sound assigned to Wersichord.
      • When the next preset is selected the previous ‘Wersichord sound is retained in the new preset.
      • The correct sound will not load even though it is showing correctly.
  • ** Updated 02/22/17 **
    • MIDI In:
      • Not able to receive MIDI data on MIDI In 1, MIDI In 2, or MIDI over USB from external MIDI source.
      • We have tried this on both OAX 1.30.04 and OAX 1.40 and they both fail.
      • Wersi development has tested on both our Sonic and one in their studio.
      • Root cause is unknown at this point.
    • This turned out to a faulty MIDI Interface board (USMI2C) on our Sonic. More on swapping that board.
      • Once we swapped out the defective card, MIDI In on both port1 “1” and “2” work.
      • However, we just learned today (02/22/17) that MIDI In over USB does not work as expected.
        • MIDI out via USB does work as expected.