The Wersi HD Series – The Sound of Quality

This may or may not be your cup of tea. For us, we do plan on going down this path. What are we talking about? Check out this excellent article written by Jeff

We didn’t plan on getting started for a few more weeks but after reading Jeff’s latest update we might just have to start fooling around this week. While we do plan to eventually attach a PC to run both some virtual instruments and a DAW, our first attempt will be nothing more than connecting up an external sound module via MIDI. Why? Because we own one that is collecting dust in the corner and will not need to spend any $$$ to start to learn about what MIDI functions are currently implemented in OAX.

Jeff’s system is based on a Mac Mini as the external computer. Not 100% sure at this point but we expect that will be using a Windows based PC instead. That choice is based on what software that we already own vs. buying all new Mac versions of the software.

Stay tuned – and if you hear a big boom or smell smoke, it’s only us having fun! ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “The Wersi HD Series – The Sound of Quality

  • 11/21/2016 at 14:00

    Good thoughts and I’ve considered that option. Matter of fact I’m downloading a “freebie” VST right now just to play around a little with the concept of loading one and setting it up. I’ll be most interested on how mappings between the Sonic and the VST are done.

    I do know that my current desktop machine is two CPU generations back from what is running in the Sonic. I have 24 GB of RAM on that machine and can easily run not only the host PC but two Windows virtual machines and a Linux VM all at the same time. The machine doesn’t break a sweat doing that. That may / may not be quite the same workload profile as running OAX and a VST or two but we do have a decent amount of CPU in the instrument.

    The one thing that might need a little work is setting up a secondary monitor as some of the apps will just be nicer to work with using a larger screen. Now, how well OAX and the base Win10 O/S will play together with two monitors I don’t know as I haven’t attempted to connect one up to this point. I’m thinking the Sonic screen remains as the main screen and on the secondary screen we would display “other” things that were running.

    I haven’t cracked the case open on the internal P/C yet but I also thought of not only maxing out the RAM but maybe installing a second SSD right in the chassis assuming there are free slots? I suspect there are but again – The cover is still “Factory Fresh”.

    I was poking around a little earlier today looking at creating a “MIDI out” config. Still planning on my initial test to be using a Roland Integra-7 module that I have. It has it’s own MIDI connections (no need for any adapters) and also it’s own audio outs that could easily connect up to the inputs on the organ.

    You have certainly given me plenty of ideas to think about and try out this week – Are we having fun yet? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 11/21/2016 at 09:24

    Hi Curt

    OAX Midi is still developing, but even so, it already trounces OAS Midi in all departments, so you will be able to control things the way OAS owners can only dream of.

    You will not need a Midi interface for your computer either, as OAX comes with a USB Midi Port, in addition to the standard Midi Ports.

    Regarding VST, OAX already has the latest Host on-board, so unless youโ€™re going for the really big VSTs (And I mean BIG) you will not need an external computer. The only thing I would suggest, (If you find you get bowled over by VSTs) is to increase the Ram in the instrument, (You can have up to 32GB on-board) and get a USB 3 external SSD (1 TB or there about would be ideal) to store your large sample sets.
    NOTE: USB 3 ports are only available on the rear of the instrument.

    Have fun



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