What is WersiClubUSA? Simply put, it’s a place for current owners along with potential owners to gather, discuss and learn about the Wersi product line or anything related to music production and simply having FUN with music!


  • The 1980’s saw Wersi introduce a digital line of instruments to the world – the CD-Line. The famous Spectra was the wonder of the 1987 Musikmesse and next to the Wersi Helios, is one of Wersi’s biggest selling instruments to date.


  • In the 1990’s, Wersi developed the digital Grand Piano line as well as digital sample based instruments and innovations such as the Livestyle upgrade for the CD-Line, Golden Gate, PhonX, Performer and the Pegasus keyboard.


  • The OAS instrument line consisted of professional arranger keyboards and organs. In 2001, the first version of the OAS instrument line was released running on OAS software… a totally open / upgradable product that over the next ten years would continue to be developed.


  • Fast forward to 2016 and we are now on the OAX (OpenArt-Xtended) generation of products with multiple models available going by the name of “Sonic”. Following in the tradition of all Wersi instruments updates to OAX are released on regular intervals adding new features with each release. 


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